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Gutter cleaning is one of the most dreaded and thankless tasks of home maintenance. Wet leaves, high ladders, decaying, smelly debris stuck in the gutters and gutter spouts make it a loathsome chore. Yet regular cleaning of gutters is a smart choice and arguably the most important part of home maintenance. Here is why:

  • Water Damage Prevention

  • Mold and Moss prevention

  • Avoiding high energy bills and costly repairs

Amote Cleaning is committed to providing thorough and reliable gutter cleaning services at a customized price. When done well gutter cleaning transforms a home from a wet mess to a dry, safe and enjoyable place. Don’t wait any longer for gutter cleaning in Burr Ridge, IL.



Our Gutter Cleaning Pricing:

House Size1 Story2 Story3 Story*
Up to 1500 sqft$79$99$139

From 1500 to 2000 sqft


From 2000 to 2500 sqft

From 2500 to 3000 sqft$134$159$189
From 3000 to 3500 sqft$149$174$204
From 3500 to 4000 sqft$169$189$219
From 4000 to 4500 sqft$184$204$234
Over 4500 sqft
Custom Quote

*2 story with a high basement is counted as 3 story;
Please, note: Attached garage is not considered as part of the home’s square footage, so an additional fee might be applied;
Service includes unclogging up to 2 clogged downspouts;

Additional ServicesPrice
Garage CleaningStarting $20
Roof Cleaning (Debris Removal)Starting $30
Interior Gutter WashingStarting from $20
Exterior Gutter Power washingStarting from $100
Gutters Screens Removing and Installation During the Cleaning During the CleaningExtra charge
Garbage bags pick-up$5 per bag
Gutter Inspection without Gutter CleaningStarting from $30

10% OFF
Interior/Exterior Window Washing For New Clients

$25 OFF
Window Washing when Ordering Gutter Cleaning

$50 OFF
Pressure Washing Bundled With Window Cleaning

Gutter Guards Installation

Gutter Guards Installation is always recommended to protect your property from possible water damage. The initial investment has many long-term benefits. Leaf guards prevent drainage issues, mols and mildew buildup and growth, unwanted pests and more. At Amote we offer high quality gutter guards installation services to keep your gutters clear longer and functioning properly year round. At Amote we offer high quality gutter guards installation services to keep your gutters clear longer and functioning properly year round.

Gutter Guard Installation Costs and Types

Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards

Downspout Guards, Caps, or Strainers

Our Installation process:


Our professional installers will check for any additional areas of concern to identify parts of your gutter system that may need extra attention.

Preparation and Cleaning

Our team will clean out any debris out of your gutters, and we will also repair them if necessary.


May range from a few hours to a full day depending on the size of the project.


We will clean up all debris, screws and other materials from your property and answer any questions you may have.

Gutter Repair:

We address such problems as leaks, sagging or loose sections, broken hangers, and damaged above ground downspouts. We fix the issues quickly and effectively to ensure that your gutter
system is in the best shape and doing its job effectively.

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What Makes Us Different:


  • Free fast customized estimate. No property is the same and no price should cover it all. We take into consideration the square footage, the number of stories, the height and the length of each gutter section to determine the cost of work.

  • Tried and true cleaning tools and techniques. Careful and thorough cleaning of the entire gutter system by hand and with a blower when needed to ensure everything is free of obstructions Testing of downspouts for hidden clogs and flushing to make sure everything is flowing properly.

  • Reporting issues and malfunctions. While performing your gutter cleaning service, we will check the entire gutter system for any problems and gladly report them to you

  • Mess-free work. All the debris are placed in a plastic bag or prepared for disposal in containers. Our clients do not have to have to clean after us.

8000+ Regular

Your neighbor already trust us – now it is your turn! People choose us every year again and again because they know that they will be satisfied with the quality and the price.

12 Years
in Cleaning Business

When it comes to your home – experience matter! We are a reliable company that sands by thee quality of it service and always there for you. No complaints are left unattained! 

Excellence Driven Window and Gutter Cleaning

Our main focus is customer satisfaction, so we go above and beyond to reach it. We constantly monitor the quality of our service and respond to our customers’ needs!

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