Deck Restoration Service

A new deck is a quick and efficient way to upgrade your home. Removing weathered or decaying materials and installing brand new sections can enhance the overall look of your deck. A remodeled deck is a great way to elevate the appearance of your property, landscape and surrounding spaces. When and if you decide to sell your place, it will catch the eye of perspective buyers. Finally, deck restoration improves safety and function by eliminating structural issues and safety hazards. We specialize in:

  • Deck Cleaning
  • Deck Installation
  • Deck Painting, Sealing, Staining
  • Deck repair
  • Deck refinishing 

We are ready to ensure you are happy with the final product. Our technicians use proven high quality tools and materials to deliver the benefits of your renovated deck as quickly as possible. We are committed to providing quality and reliable service -every single time!

Our Deck Restoration Process:

We follow a thorough proven process for each deck restoration project to ensure a seamless service and best possible result.

Assessment and Consultation

Deck restoration is a time-consuming process that requires some knowledge and skill, as well as decision making along the way. Therefore, our process starts with a free consultation. We take an individual approach to each client and help decide between painting or staining based on the condition of the wood and other factors. сontractors follow a thorough step by step process for each deck staining and remodeling project to ensure a seamless service and best result.

Thorough Deck Cleaning, Including Power Washing.

Your deck must be properly cleaned prior to stain application. It helps eliminate mildew and mold, and remove any peeling coatings.

Stripping and Sanding Old Finish and Stain.

Thorough cleaning is essential to getting the most out of your deck staining or painting. Any remaining loose coating must be scaped off. Depending on the desired finish sanding might also be necessary.


We use the highest quality stains for the ultimate look and long-lasting results. We work with the variety of finishes: transparent/translucent, semi- transparent, semi-solid, and solid.

Why Choose Amote for Your Deck Restoration Project?

Expertise. We have been proudly serving South and South-West suburbs of Chicago for over 10 years and have extensive experience in the field of wooden deck restoration. Our professionals are dedicated to quality and able to provide comprehensive solutions to restoring functionality and visual appeal of Your outdoor space.

Individual approach. Each property is unique and with that in mind we tailor our services to meet individual preferences and vision of our clients. We also conduct thorough assessment of the condition of the wood to identify necessary steps of restoration.

Competitive pricing. Homeowners choose Among over other home-improvement and deck restoration companies serving South and South-West Chicagoland
because of our reasonable rates.

Ready to take a step to transforming your property? Do not wait. 

Call or Text Amote for a Free Consultation. 708-563-2200

Garage Cleaning Service

Two car garage only $129!

Christmas Lights Installation

Everyone enjoys the look and beauty of holiday lights and decorations. However, it is always so cold outside in the season when you are putting up your lights. This holiday season let us do the work for you. Just imagine- no more slippery ladders, no braving the cold weather, no blown fuses, no injuries! We offer professional installation, maintenance & removal of your holiday lighting and decoration. You and your family will be able to lean back, relax and enjoy the holiday lights on your house.

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